Yes We Can

Yes, We Can is a song written by Nat Wolff and performed by Nat, Natasha Bedingfield, and Leon Thomas III.

The song is first performed by Nat along with guest stars Natasha Bedingfield and Leon Harris III in the Season 3 episode Christmas Special.

TRACK: Yes We Can
ARTIST:  Nat, Natasha Bedingfield, & Leon Thomas III
ALBUM: Throwbacks
RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2013

Just a friendly face in a crowd of strangers,
With hats held close we will feel no danger,
Seein’ stars for the next 8 years,
Wishes may let go your fear

Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can

JFK for the brand new wait,
In our lifetime we enter a hopeful state,
Be kind to your neighbor if no one is watchin’
The sight of goodness that no one is stoppin’

Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can

Yes we can,
Over come,
Yes we can,
Be as one (Be as one)
Yes we can,
Lift together,
Yes we can

Tell me that I’m preachin’,
I’m just speakin’ my mind,
Tell me that I’m reachin’,
Got to reach to find,
Love the world and you begin,
To see what it’s about,
Can we change the way we live,
And let the truth sing out,

Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can ooh,
We can be as one,
Yes we can yes we…can