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Untitled EP Album

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Nat and Alex released Cool Kids and Note on April 12, 2019. They were never put on albums but were released as singles. We speculate these songs written by Nat and Alex Wolff will earn a spot on their untitled EP Album. We don’t know the release date of their EP Album. We have seen plenty of confirmation that they will release one.

What we do know about the EP Album.
Winter Baby (written by Nat Wolff), Glue (written by Alex Wolff) will be on the EP Album. Winter Baby isn’t a new song. Nat and Alex sang Winter Baby at some live performances in the past when they went on tour.

You can find Winter Baby on youtube.

The boys have stated it will be an EP Album and not a regular album. EP Albums, also known as extended plays usually consist of up to 25 minutes of music. Whereas an album can hold up to two hours (or more) worth of music.

We are hoping that the new EP album will include Cool Kids and Note. In addition, there are two other songs that were released in their live concert back in 2020. One was written by Alex, and another was written by Nat.

We will keep you up to date on the EP Album.

For now, it’s just speculation and hopes that Cool Kids and Note will be able to play alongside their new songs on the EP Album.

New music in the works.

Written By: Wolffsource

“Our music has evolved in the way we’ve evolved. Luckily, our core fans have stuck with us as we grew and the music grew, as we took different turns left and right, the music went with us and the audience has stayed with us. We’ve been lucky that we’ve never tried to appeal to or make any kind of music to appeal to anyone. We just make music that we want to hear, that came out of our hearts.” – Nat Wolff

“Every time we put out music, we get a group of new fans. But we have had the same core fans since we were kids. There’s a community of fans of ours, and they even become friends with each other. It’s a beautiful thing. They come to our show. They’ll fly in from places. It’s amazing to be a part of people’s lives like that.” – Alex Wolff

Nat and Alex have jump-started their music career. The Wolff brothers released their latest single, “Glue,” on Friday, August 7, and have another single, “Winter Baby,” along with an EP coming out soon. There is no scheduled release date for Winter Baby. What we know is that Nat and Alex wrapped up on the studio version of the song earlier this year. We have a feeling that Winter Baby will be released sometime in the winter. Which winter? We don’t know.

Nat and Alex continue to write music we have heard of some of the songs on the live concert they did during the beginning of the pandemic. You can listen to our playlist here. There were some new songs that were released. It’s unknown if these songs will also be the EP album or not. It’s also not been confirmed if it will be a regular album or EP album. Both Nat & Alex Wolff have stated “album,” and “EP album.” several times. Either way, they have fans on their toes waiting for new music.

Nat & Alex confirms new music soon on their Instagram. Click here.
Nat confirms an album in an interview, watch the full interview. Click here.

Confirmed Songs
Winter Baby – Written by Nat Wolff
Glue – Written by Alex Wolff

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