Site updates

Announcement: We had some server issues with our host for about a month. This was resolved. Thankfully their server is back up and running. This also means that our site is back up and running. Hopefully, this won’t happen again but we apologies for the inconvenience it may have caused.


LYRICS: We have finished adding a majority of the lyrics to Nat & Alex’s songs and are now working on completing Naked Brother Band tracks. We plan to have who composed the song and did the vocals along with what episode the song featured in. This is still in the works.


GALLERY: We are also working on a massive image gallery to showcase photos. We will not tag any photos of Nat&Alex since we do not take any ownership of the photos. The only photos we will tag are if they are ones we’ve edited and or altered in some way shape or form but still keep the original photographer’s credit if we can find them. We will also do the same with fans and keep their tags up if they are fan art/edits that fans let us use.

FAN PHOTOS/FAN ART/FAN EDITS EXTRA: If you want your fan art to be used on our site you can email us at

UPDATES ON PROJECTS: Nat & Alex both have some projects that have been completed so we will be working on posting up some articles about these projects and updating you on what’s next with the boys.

Over the next couple of weeks you can expect to see quite a bit of updates on our website.