Silly Game

TRACK: Silly Game
ARTIST: Nat & Alex Wolff
SONGWRITERS:  Nat & Alex Wolff
ALBUM: Public Places
RELEASE DATE: December 16, 2016

[Spoken: Nat, Boy, Man]

I think everything I do annoys him, annoys him…
Most, most of it.

I think I get on Alex’s nerves more than he gets on mine, I dunno

Pretty good mix there.
Pretty tied.
Pretty even!

I think it’s about everything with Nat and about everything…

We both get on each other’s nerves about the same amount.

Yeah, I know I don’t think there’s like one particular thing…

Well, at least you never fight.

Nooo! This is one thing that gets on my nerves. *thump*
I always do this, it’s just something fun about the power.

Well, that’s another thing… The pillow. Now lemme demonstrate with this on Nat’s nerves.

I’ve never done that before but it definitely is getting on my nerves.

Is it working?
It definitely is working.