Season Two

TITLE: Sidekicks: Part One
EPISODE: S2, E1 RELEASE DATE: Jan 21, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

Everybody is excited about the end-of-the-year masquerade party at Amigos Middle School, which unfortunately coincides with the prom at Amigos High School. While the band argues over their costumes, Rosalina decides she’s rather hanging out with the band at the middle school dance even though she’s in high school. Nat, thinking he’s doing her a favor, pushes her into going to the prom with the most popular senior, Wade Killgallen, and then immediately doubts his decision. Patrice Johnson, “the most popular freshman” is furious that Wade is going with Rosalina, and forces Nat into being her date. Meanwhile, Thomas and David pull off the prank of all pranks, and then Cooper takes the fall for his buddies, making him a hero in the eyes of Ms. Scoggins. Nat and Rosalina ditch the prom early for the masquerade party, where the Naked Brothers Band rocks the house with a performance of “I Don’t Wanna Go to School”.

TITLE: Sidekicks: Part Two
EPISODE: S2, E2 RELEASE DATE: Jan 21, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

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TITLE: Great Trip
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

David wins an all-expense-paid trip for three to a water park and after much back and forth, picks Nat and Dad to accompany him. While Nat is gone, he leaves Alex in charge of the band’s rehearsals, with Jesse as his assistant. Alex’s newfound responsibility goes to his head, turning him into a tyrant, and making everybody resent him, including the dogs.

TITLE: Three Is Enough
EPISODE: S2, E4 RELEASE DATE: Jan 21, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: Three Is Enough

When Cooper accidentally asks Ms. Scoggins out on a real date, he panics and begs Nat to come with him. Nat is pressured into asking Rosalina to join them, which further complicates their already complex relationship. Meanwhile, to the Timmerman Brothers’ dismay, Jesse asks out the new downstairs neighbor, who is a foreigner. Everybody, including Dad and Betty, end up in the same movie theater at the same horror film, where the Timmermans foil Jesse’s date, Nat and Cooper achieve the “arm around yawn thing” with their respective dates, Alex is comforted at the scary parts by Juanita, and Jesse realizes that three really is enough.

TITLE: The Talk Show
EPISODE: S2, E5 RELEASE DATE: Feb 16, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

When Nat and Alex are asked to fill in as guest hosts for a popular music talk show, they’re excited to find out that they will be interviewing Joel Madden, of Good Charlotte. That is until Alex finds out that Joel Madden was flirting with Jesse at the Kids Choice Awards and refuses to do the interview. Meanwhile, Dad and Betty shoot their own “European” talk show, and their first guests are Nat and Alex. On the day of the actual shoot, Nat finds out that his first interview will be with notorious critic Sam Lee, who provided the only bad review of the Naked Brothers’ new CD. It can only get worse when Nat realizes that Sam is actual a teeny tiny girl, and so feels that he has to be nice to her. Chaos ensues when Dad and Betty mistake Sam for the famous “Good Charlotte” and chase her around the set in an attempt to get an interview for their show.

TITLE: The Bar Mitzvah
EPISODE: S2, E6 RELEASE DATE:  Feb 23, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

Alex meets Mitchie Brusco, a famous skateboarder who looks remarkably like him, and the two decide to switch places for a day. Alex (as Mitchie) accompanies Juanita to a skate competition, and Mitchie (as Alex) prepares to play Cooper’s Bar Mitzvah. Meanwhile, Nat, coming off a dentist’s appointment and too much laughing gas, ruins Cooper’s video tribute by revealing a little too much. The band saves the party and Cooper realizes what it means to “become a man” when Mitchie and Alex switch back and The Naked Brothers Band plays the Bar Mitzvah.

TITLE: Uncle Miles
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

Nat and Alex’s Uncle Miles has come for a visit. Miles is Dad’s twin, but opposite from Dad in every way – he’s a super cool jazz musician with a crazy big head of hair. When it’s revealed that Miles is actually younger than Dad by 5 minutes, Alex really identifies with him and starts talking like him and dressing like him. Meanwhile, at rehearsal, Thomas suggests a “Battle of the Brothers” contest to clear up once and for all whether the big or little brothers are coolest. When Miles reveals his true colors by hitting on Dad’s girlfriend, Betty, Alex realizes that he doesn’t really want to be like Uncle Miles, he’d rather be nice to his brother.

TITLE: Concert Special
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

The Naked Brothers Band takes to the stage for their first-ever concert special! They perform hits from both of their albums.

TITLE: Everybody Cried at Least Once
EPISODE: S2, E9 RELEASE DATE: Apr 12, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

The band goes on tour in just 4 days, and everybody is getting ready. Nat and Alex are sad about leaving Dad by himself because he’s so sad about crazy Betty running off with his brother Miles. David is devastated because Tuffy won’t let ET on the tour bus, and Rosalina is worried that her Dad will miss the send-off because he’s got a court date for his latest divorce. Luckily, the boys and Dad run into George Lopez, who gives Dad the secret to getting over Betty, and David figures out a way to get Tuffy to let ET go on tour with the band.

TITLE: Cleveland
EPISODE: S2, E10 RELEASE DATE: Apr 19, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

The fans on tour are wild for Nat and additional bodyguards are hired to help protect him. Thomas is sick and tired of Nat getting all of the attention and the bands’ attempts to make him feel better to have the opposite effect. Luckily, a misquote in an interview inadvertently makes Thomas Cleveland’s favorite son and saves the day for him and everyone else.

TITLE: The County Fair
EPISODE: S2, E11 RELEASE DATE: May 10, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

The band is scheduled to perform at a state fair somewhere in the South, and the band is determined to get out and have some fun during their downtime. But first, they’ve got to find some disguises so their fans don’t mob them. To their dismay, their only options are Southern Belle costumes for the boys and one General Robert E. Lee gets up for Rosalina. In disguise, Alex finds out he makes a very nice girl, Thomas, David, and Qaasim don’t let their skirts get in the way of a greased pig contest, Rosalina finds out being a boy is harder than it looks, and a local kid falls for “Natalie”.

TITLE: County Fair Concert Special
EPISODE: S2, E12 RELEASE DATE: May 24, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

In their second concert special, The Naked Brothers Band performs a mix of new songs and old favorites in front of a crowd of fans.

TITLE: Polar Bears: Part One
EPISODE: S2, E13 RELEASE DATE: Jan 21, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

The band’s last concert stop is in New Orleans, and on the way, they brush up on their table manners for the State Dinner they’ve been invited to attend. Alex accidentally watches the movie “An Inconvenient Truth and becomes obsessed with saving the polar bears from the effects of global warming. The destruction of New Orleans by Katrina is brought home when the kids are reunited with some old friends who lost their house in the storm. Alex and Nat are thrilled to see their friends Big Ella and Little Grace, but Rosalina finds that she’s jealous of Nat and Grace’s relationship and her complicated feelings for Nat keep her from being honest with him. Qaasim is also upset that he has seemingly lost his magic touch with the ladies, which couldn’t come at a worse time as he actually has a huge crush on Little Grace. Meanwhile, Dad is convinced that Grace’s mom, Onita has turned Betty into cricket, and when Alex is misquoted at a press conference, it takes voodoo magic plus some celebrity testimonials to convince the world that the Naked Brothers Band don’t really think they’re “bigger than Santa Claus”.

TITLE: Polar Bears: Part Two
EPISODE: S2, E14 RELEASE DATE: Jun 6, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

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TITLE: Polar Bears: Part Three
EPISODE: S2, E15 RELEASE DATE: Jun 6, 2008
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

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