Season One

EPISODE: S1, Ep1 RELEASE DATE: 3 Feb. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Banana Smoothie

The Naked Brothers Band get nominated for their first Video Music Awards. However, Alex Wolff is scared of his horoscope.

TITLE: Wolff Brothers Cry Wolf
EPISODE: S1, Ep2 RELEASE DATE: 3 Feb. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Sometimes I’ll Be There

Nat tries to win Roselina’s heart by faking real emotions.

TITLE: Nat Is a Stand Up Guy
EPISODE: S1, Ep3 RELEASE DATE: 10 Feb. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Catch up With the End

At the music video shoot, Nat is confused why the director is attempting to make his song “Catch Up With The End” humorous because that’s not how he intended it to be. Rosalina thinks that Alex is so funny, and she thinks that stand-up comedians are so brave. Because of this, Nat decides to perform at a stand-up comedy club, which initially fails. In the end, Nat and the band perform his song at a nightclub featuring George Lopez as the opening act.

TITLE: Fishin’ for Love
EPISODE: S1, Ep4 RELEASE DATE: 17 Feb. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Fishin’ for Love

The Naked Brothers Band goes to the beach, where Alex tries to break a world record, Thomas and David hang out with girls, and Nat and Roselina remember a Chicago tour 2 years ago.

TITLE: Alex’s Clothing Line
EPISODE: S1, Ep5 RELEASE DATE: 24 Feb. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Beautiful Eyes

Alex tries a new look, but everyone wants to dress just like him. Meanwhile, Jessie tutors David, Thomas, and Qaasim, which gets in the way of recording the song Beautiful Eyes.

TITLE: Puberty
EPISODE: S1, Ep6 RELEASE DATE: 10 Mar. 2007

During the recording of Taxi Cab, Nat thinks that he is going through puberty because his voice is changing. He doesn’t like it, but Alex desperately wants puberty.

TITLE: A Rebel and a Skateboarder
EPISODE: S1, Ep7 RELEASE DATE: 17 Mar. 2007

Alex has an argument with Jesse over her dating The Timmerman Brothers. He gets so upset that he quits the band and runs away to a skate park for the day where he meets an orphan named Juanita.

TITLE: A Man Needs a Maid
EPISODE: S1, Ep8 RELEASE DATE: 24 Mar. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Banana Smoothie

Dad goes away for an accordion convention, leaving the kids to have a weekend-long slumber party with only Jesse to supervise. When the kids are faced with the ensuing mess, Cooper suggests they hire a maid to help with the clean-up. Instead, they get Betty, a “cleaning specialist”, who watches old movies and drinks nonalcoholic mint juleps while she instructs the kids on how to clean. The kids’ plans to fire her are flummoxed when Dad gets home and falls head over heels for her.

TITLE: First Kiss (On the Lips, That Is)
EPISODE: S1, Ep9 RELEASE DATE: 7 Apr. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Long Distance

Alex gets a crush on a girl named Vanessa.

TITLE: The Song
EPISODE: S1, Ep10 RELEASE DATE: 22 Jun. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

One evening before bed, Alex asks Nat to write a song for the band to perform at the Foster Kids benefit that he can dedicate to his new friend Juanita. Nat agrees, but the next morning, both boys wake up with a song in their heads. Later that day, the boys are shocked to realize that they’ve both written the exact same song, and each accuses the other of copying it, Meanwhile, the boys are horrified when Dad announces his intention to deepen his commitment to Betty.

TITLE: Battle of the Bands: Part One
EPISODE: S1, Ep11 RELEASE DATE:6 Oct. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: Girl of My Dreams

The Naked Brothers Band and another band, the L.A. Surfers, find themselves competing in a “Battle of the Bands” charity event benefiting Little Kids Rock. Rosalina starts to fall for the L.A. Surfers’ lead singer, Bobby Love. It annoys Nat that Rosalina hangs out with the opponent’s lead singer. It turns out that Bobby is just dating Rosalina to get to Nat and is lying about everything, i.e, his British accent, not writing his own songs, etc. Nat and Bobby fight and declare at a press conference that the charity event is now a competition and the losing band’s.

TITLE: Battle of the Bands: Part Two
EPISODE: S1, Ep12 RELEASE DATE: 6 Oct. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

After Nat’ unsuccessful attempts to tell Rosalina the truth about Bobby, he and the band make fun of her and she quits. She tells Bobby what happened, then throws away her music into the garbage, and when no one is looking, Bobby pilfers it. At the concert, Bobby’s band plays Nat’s new song that he stole from Rosalina. Bobby’s fake identity is revealed. The Naked Brothers Band plays Nat’s new song “Girl Of My Dreams”, dedicated to Rosalina and they then win the Battle of the Bands.

TITLE: Alien Clones
EPISODE: S1, Ep13 RELEASE DATE: 20 Oct. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

The concept behind their new video shoot is that there are clones of all the band members that are taking over. Alex takes this idea to heart and becomes terrified that everyone around him is actually an alien clone.

TITLE: Been There, Rocked That
EPISODE: S1, Ep14 RELEASE DATE: 1 Dec. 2007
SOUNDTRACK: If That’s Not Love

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