I Don’t Want To Go To School

ReleasedApril 15, 2008
RecordedSummer 2007
GenrePop rock
ProducerMichael Wolff and Michael A. Levine

Track listings

1.“I Don’t Want To Go To School” (Title Track, from “Sidekicks”)2:52
2.“Eventually” (from “Polar Bears”)3:31
3.“Mystery Girl” (from “Sidekicks”)2:20
4.“I’ll Do Anything” (from “Polar Bears”)3:02
5.“I’ve Got A Question” (from “Polar Bears”)4:32
6.“Body I Occupy” (from “Cleveland”)4:46
7.“Why” (from “Polar Bears”)3:22
8.“If You Can Make It Through The Rain” (from “The Bar Mitzvah”)2:55
9.“Proof Of My Love” (from “The Talk Show”)2:54
10.“Great Trip” (from “Great Trip”)2:44
11.“Three Is Enough” (from “Three Is Enough”)2:55
12.“Everybody’s Cried At Least Once” (from “Everybody’s Cried At Least Once”)3:20
13.“Tall Girls, Short Girls… You” (from “The County Fair”)2:30
14.“Changing” (from “Uncle Miles”)4:00
15.“School Outro” (Bonus Hidden Track)1:02
16.“School Outro [Extended Version]” (iTunes Album only)1:50
17.“I Don’t Want To Go To School” (Music Video, iTunes album only.

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