Netflix talks to Nat & Alex about an NBB reboot.

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There’s no confirmed evidence that an additional Naked Brothers Band reunion will/wont happen. What we do know is the fervor around the series is still alive for fans as well. After the Zoom reunion, Nat and Alex were approached by Netflix for a Naked Brothers Band special, though, at the moment, the project is only a “conversation.” “There’s nothing real going on yet, but we’re always open to that,” Nat says. “It would have to be perfect.” [1]

What we know, is Alex mentioned that he would like to do an NBB reboot/reunion. In an interview with People: Alex Wolff states, “I’m down for whatever happens.” You can watch the interview here. “The Naked Brothers Band was one of the most exciting parts of our lives,” Nat told Style Caster.

If we do get an NBB reunion it would have to be something doing worthwhile.

So what do you think?

Do you think the Naked Brother’s Band, band members will get together once the pandemic settles down for another reunion, or for something more?

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