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Happy Black Sheep Day!

Black Sheep, terrible for a Chinese restaurant, but an Album?
“To name it Black Sheep. It doesn’t make any sense it’s so stupid why would you do it?”

Psychic Album Predictions for Nat n’ Alex
Posted by Nat and Alex on Mar 3, 2011

Ten years ago Nat and Alex posted a fun little skit of a psychic who predicted what the name of their album would be. Nat and Alex named Black Sheep would be a kick A name for a rock and roll album, but a terrible name for a Chinese Restaurant.

This video was released on March 3rd of 2011 announcing the release of Nat and Alex’s album that was released ten years ago today. October 11th, 2021.

Many of us are thankful for the album. It’s touched a lot of fans in so many ways. There are so many comments that get left by different fans stating how Black Sheep has changed their life one way or another. It never stops to amaze us how many lives they touch through their music and we can’t wait to see how many more they continue to touch with their work in the future.

Thank you both for being amazing. For working hard on an album that ten years later so many people can still enjoy listening to.

The Line

The Line is in preproduction IMDB. Alex Wolff posted about The Line but IMDB doesn’t confirm that they are filming for this project yet. Not too much is known about The Line.

PLOT: A university student lives life without fear of consequences.

The Line is directed by Ethan Berger. Scriptwriters are Ethan Berger, and Alex Russek. Alex Wolff will star in the Line along with John Malkovich, and Scoot McNairy.

As of right now, there is no release date for The Line.

posted by: alexwolffoffocial on their Instagram story.